PC gamers unite! Today is the day we call upon GTAV for the PC!


GTAV has only officially been announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 a while back and the gaming community is raving about it. Sadly, the PC and Wii U platforms hold a “up for consideration” status according to Dan Houser, Rockstar’s VP.

Recently, almost 80,000 users have petitioned to bring GTAV for the PC! Now why am I so worried if GTA4 got released on the PC? Well, because I’m still waiting for Red Dead Redemption!  A PC release for Red Dead was outright denied due to the lack of feasibility.

I for one want to see the world of GTAV rendered in 1080p, with high quality models, more complex physics and some form of ambient occlusion! No other platform currently offers GTA4 with Supermana trigger happy Narutothe DeLorean from B2Fa Tsunami and Tron. The only other request I would make is for the PC version to be a better port than what GTA4 was, it was very resource intensive and almost totally unplayable for some PC users.

If you would like to help get the PC version of GTAV, head over to the petition here, and be sure to share the link around! I’ll leave you all with a video of a modded GTA4 that upgrades the game’s graphics.

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