Nothing to see here…Final Fantasy VII Will Be Re-Released on PC


Final Fantasy 7 coming to modern PC’s? Oh, wait…

Squareenix has recently announced that a PC “re-release” of Final Fantasy VII will be arriving later this year on the site’s official store and ‘possibly’ Steam. The good news is the updated version will include a cloud save mode, an optional booster pack (a shortcut to leveling up which you have to pay for…dafuq?! which will apparently be included for free), and achievements. Also, the updated website for the title looks pretty nice.

The bad news? It ain’t an HD remake and will most likely not include any updated textures. You think after all those fan projects, Square would have at least bothered doing something do enhance the visuals. But alas, this tale is destined to be told by blocky-polygon-things.

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