Nintendo Ordered to Pay Up


My jaws dropped when I read this earlier today, and I have to admit I cannot fully bring myself to discuss this with no Bias. So here goes:

Nintendo has been ordered to pay $30.2 million to compensate the original inventor of the glass free 3D display Mr. Seijiro Tomita for patent infringement. How did this come to happen? Well earlier in 2003 Mr. Tomita showed a demo of his concept to the guys at Nintendo, and following that in 2008 he patented this technology. What followed next was the release of the 3Ds, needless to say Mr. Tomita  resorted to legal action.

Nintendo put a case forward that the console display for the 3DS differed from Mr. Tomita’s in several key aspects, despite that however, they have lost the case and have been ordered to pay the aforementioned sum as compensation for the patent infringement.



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