Need For Speed Rivals: But do we really Need a story?

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The racing genre is a tough one to compete in, but the trailer shown at E3 tells us that it doesn’t matter to the huge franchise of Need for Speed. The trailer showed the improved visuals and gameplay that make Rivals another contender in the next gen racing battle. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this game is the fact that you can start a single player race and end it as a multiplayer race. How? Another player can join your game as a cop and start chasing you, or start ruining your moment… more or less.

Here is the thing that bugged me the most, the trailer sounded like there is a story behind the game. Yes, a story in a racing game can be cool sometimes. However, to depend on a story in a racing game is something really risky. Not to judge by the trailer, I will only hope that they get the gameplay right. Oh, and a wider collection of cars would help out too.

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