Monster Hunter 4 trailer revealed


The newest edition to the Monster Hunter series is coming to the 3DS and it is Monster Hunter 4!!! So far it has been confirmed for japan, and will be released during the spring of 2013. The trailer shows lots of new changes in the game yet the graphics haven’t changed that much reminding me of the times I used to play it on the PSP, I’m not that surprised since it’s on the 3DS.

From what I see, the trailer showcases new and old monsters, also adding a couple of new moves to your character such as jumping off a cliff to hit attack the target. Another move allows the player to grab large enemies and attack while on their back, all of which wasn’t in any of the Monster Hunter series prior to this. The new environments are amazing and can be destroyed by enemies. Furthermore, monsters can now also climb up walls making escaping from your enemies more difficult.

I’m a big fan of the monster hunter series and I believe it’s going to be a great game. I also truly hope that the community will support it so that there may be more than just a release of the Japanese version. However, since we are still waiting on the English version of Monster Hunter Tri G, I suspect the chances of an English release are low.

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