Lords Of Shadow 2


This is the newest trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow2. The game picks up after  Lords Of Shadows where the main character becomes Dracula, so the game will take place in both the old days of Dracula and the modern day settings. The game also  will be playable at E3.



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One Comment on "Lords Of Shadow 2"

  1. Ahmad June 10, 2013 at 10:33 PM - Reply

    WOW! epic sound track!
    I still consider lords of shadow one of the best games i have played, some may disagree with me; as they say it is not the actual Castlevania story….I like how this game brings a new, daring story for what some consider an “untouchable” story..
    i am impressed with the atmosphere, environment, soundtrack and theme, but not really with the graphics!
    Konami is almost back on the track with this game, now Capcom needs to learn