Land of the “Rising” sun no more: Rising canceled for Xbox 360 in Japan


Sad news for the Xbox 360 owners in Japan, Konami have decided to cancel their upcoming highly anticipated Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance game on the Xbox 360 in Japan. To avoid any confusion, I repeat: only in Japan.

Although Konami had never stated the exact reason to why the Xbox 360 versions of their games are being canceled in Japan; but, it is kind of obvious why Konami have decided to do so. It doesn’t seem that the Xbox 360’s sales will be rising anytime soon (pardon the pun). Therefore, it is a somewhat understandable decision, but I’m not sure how the 360 owners in Japan are going to feel about this.

Even though Konami have apologized for the cancellation, I don’t think that it’s going to do xbox sales in Japan any good.

Destructoid via Siliconera
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