E3 2014: Halo 5 Guardians Beta / Master Chief Collection announced!

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The chief is back, and apparently on a suicidal mission! A short CG video shows the Chief floating through space with huge bomb, detaching away once nearing a covenant ship giving us spectacular fireworks display. The words “Your journey begins”, center the screen with Master Chiefs helmet staring at you.

What was shocking is that no Halo 5 gameplay footage was shown, it was completely CG  Single and Multiplayer trailers! Mention of the Halo 5 Multiplayer Beta was made, but only to give us a release window. The full focus was placed on the Halo “Master Chief Collection”, which is basically a polished version of all the main Halo games which includes:

  • Halo Combat Evolved, presumably a facelift of the Halo Anniversary
  • Halo 2, which was officially announced as Halo Anniversary 2 included in the collection
  • Halo 3, no word on any touch ups (aside from the resolution)
  • Halo 4, no mention of touch ups
  • Halo 5 multiplayer Beta
  • Over 100 multiplayer maps across all the franchise
  • A live action series titled “Halo Nightfall” to link the story between Halo 4 and Halo 5

All four games will run 1080P on there original engines ,and the real treat, at 60 FPS. Seamless transition between all the games has been promised, which sounds like a much needed break from those disk changes.

If this game ships at 60 bucks (or hopefully 40), I’d say this is the must buy Halo title for any fan or newcomer to the franchise. The Master Chief Collection is launching Nov-11-2014, while the Halo 5 beta will unlock sometime around December 2014.

Edit: Watch watch watch

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