Halo 4 multiplayer will require an 8GB storage device to work

Halo4 multi error

According to the official Xbox website, the multiplayer segment of Halo 4 will require 8GBs of storage space. Now, that doesn’t mean all of the 8GBs will be used up, but it means that only an 8GB  storage device (or above) will be sufficient to store the temporary multiplayer files for rapid access (think maps, objects…etc). I’m assuming this has to do with how the file system on the Xbox 360 works and how much the system sets aside per GB as cache memory (temporary storage), leading us to the 8GB requirement.

Who needs to worry about this? Well, anyone with an ancient arcade model or any schmuck like myself with 4GB slim model. The good news, although not great news is the fact that you can simply use a USB flash memory disk of 8Gb size or larger and that would do.  What baffles me is that Microsoft would push hardware that would be rendered obsolete so short in it’s lifespan, the 4GB slim model didn’t even last a a couple of months before the Co-op of Halo reach deemed the 4GB storage not sufficient to play the multiplayer. Quite a few of us scratched our heads in dismay, before eventually having to buy a hard disk after no patch was ever delivered to remedy the ‘bug‘. So yeah, back to the the good but not great news, your upgrade will only cost you 10$ this time around. A word of warning, the USB on the Xbox 360 is no where near as fast as the hard disk, therefor loading times could be slower, but looking at the price of a 250GB hard disk, I say make a cup of coffee and save a few dollars while the game loads.

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