Final Fantasy VII Is Facing PC Download Issues


Final Fantasy VII is out on PC, great! People aren’t getting a payment confirmation and/or download link, not so great! It seems that the Square-Enix store is facing issues with its newly released Final Fantasy VII PC version. Many of the complaints are ranging from “I got charged but didn’t get an email confirmation” to “I got a download link but it’s not downloading”.

I personally tried buying the game and surely enough fell into the same trap. No email confirmation or download link. Needless to say I am disappointed but hopefully Square will get on it and fix the issue. I highly suggest gamers to hold back on purchasing until Square fixes the problem. It’s clear that they’re facing large traffic of users and its porbably gonna take sometime until it gets ironed out.

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2 Comments on "Final Fantasy VII Is Facing PC Download Issues"

  1. Bob August 14, 2012 at 11:43 PM - Reply

    I just want to give them my money!!!