Did you know, Arabs only pay 18$ for Battlefield 3 Premium?!


When I first saw the 50$ price tag on BF3 Premium, I was put off from the idea of such an expensive DLC. And the nail that sealed the coffin was the announcement of Battlefield 4.

Well, in a very WTF moment for me, a friend of mine followed by our very own editor Bob both confirmed that they have only paid around 18$ (69 AED) for Battelfield 3 Premium in what I believe is possibly the best DLC deal ever for us living in this region.

Why? Well, I think it’s safe to speculate that EA has decided to provide this killer price in specific regions where Battlefield 3 was less successful in taking away from the Call of Duty fanbase. Regions such as India have also received good deals offering Battlefield 3 Premium for 27$ although it was later reported to increase to 48$ for Indian users probably due to players circumventing region locks to buy there DLC at a discount. People were excited about the 27$ price tag, but boy are they are in for one heck of a surprise with this 18$ price tag!

Still don’t believe me? check out this link for a store in the UAE, selling Battlefield 3 Premium for a mere 18$ (69 AED). Yay for being Arab I guess?

Update: I have found Battlefield Premium in Bahrain for 6.9 BHD (also 18 $), so I went ahead and purchased it, I’m glad to report it worked on my account which had no relation to the region I got the BF Premium code from! What’s even more surprising is that the Close Quarters DLC was also priced at 18$, quite nuts if you ask me! Here are the images of the DLC codes and receipt (click to expand)


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4 Comments on "Did you know, Arabs only pay 18$ for Battlefield 3 Premium?!"

  1. koko zuberi August 28, 2012 at 10:03 AM - Reply

    btw that website has incorrect pricing information. if you call the store and ask they’re selling it for 179AED not 69AED.

    • DoCWaSaBe September 29, 2012 at 12:21 AM - Reply

      Hey! Sorry for the very late response! I’m not sure about this store, but I had multiple friends buy it for 18$, I have also bought mine for 6.9 BHD from Bahrain (Also 18$). The pricing with this DLC is funky in this region!