Counter Strike:Global Offensive Beta for PC demands PS Eye? Wait what?


I was snooping around the Counter Stike GO beta menus to get my PC motion controls working via the Razer Hydra, and I stumbled upon this error (click to expand image).

The PC version was dubbed to use the Razer Hydra motion controls, and the Move for the Ps3 But this funny glitch is demanding a PS eye for the PC version!

Whats worse is when I defaulted my motion control scheme in attempt to get the controller to work, it switched to an Xbox 360 layout! I simply gave up on getting my Razer Hydra to work with this thing, so I will be waiting for the final product to test it out. This is not the first time a PC game has one of these really frustrating messages, but I just hope the final version irons out these issues. Look forward for a few videos from myself trying out the game.

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One Comment on "Counter Strike:Global Offensive Beta for PC demands PS Eye? Wait what?"

  1. koohejix August 18, 2012 at 5:55 PM - Reply

    Hahahahahaha! Glad I’m not getting any glitches! 😛