These Journey Glitches are a Sight to Behold

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Many gamers  (including us) can agree that Journey is beautiful. It’s a work of art that few games manage to pull off so well. Although we sometimes tend to forget that it was designed by humans, and humans aren’t perfect. Case and point, these interesting Journey glitches thatgamecompany shared on it’s Twitter today.

One quick thing to note, I don’t think that was an NPC (None Playable Character) but more of a player placement for the next level  OR it could have been an NPC, but the designers decided to yank out the feature. Well, whatever the case may be, in the end it’s always fun to break things just to see how they work.

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One Comment on "These Journey Glitches are a Sight to Behold"

  1. Alex November 2, 2013 at 8:30 AM - Reply

    After doing everything I could in the game i decided to try this glitch. I didnt find the red NPC though… So instead I flew up into the end of the hallway (above the red robed npc) and found a white robed NPC with an extrenely long scarf. I was using the white cloak too.
    Glitches always bring something new haha.