Activision and Bungie Team up for Destiny


I don’t know where to begin…

Perhaps it is because I am a HUGE fanboy of the Original Halo trilogy, and that the latest installment fell short of my expectations. Or perhaps I had such low hopes for Destiny since I have taken a slightly pessimistic approach towards Activision ever since my beloved Diablo series fell short with it’s third and latest installment. But that short preview of what to expect from Destiny as a game was a huge shock. I had heard my friends Doom, and Hamoodz raving about the trailer ever since it was first released.

At the time, I had deliberately avoided viewing it to avoid being hyped up and then potentially let down. Sony made sure that I do not escape it with a whole segment on Destiny and how it fits the PS4 like a glove. As with many of the developers presented in interviews or on stage during the conference, the guys at Bungie expressed their comfort with the PS4 and how they will be providing such excellent content for the PS4 (subtly suggesting that that may not be the case with other consoles) because Sony has been working closely with them to optimize the design of the PS4 to cater to their needs as developers.

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