The GO rating system


As a standard for all our reviews we will be using the following scoring system.

Rating Description Full Description
0 Unplayable Not Functional
1 Disaster Contains a semblance of functionality, scattered, inconsistent, incomplete
2 Very Poor Functional, but very badly done. Lacking in many aspects. Has no redeeming features
3 Poor Functional, but badly done. Lacking in some aspects, has a few redeeming features but not enough to offset how bad it is.
4 Unrefined Needs to be refined or polished, has good redeeming features that are poorly executed
5 Acceptable Has just enough features to be worth the retail price paid.
6 Good Has a few aspects that distinguish this category from the others in that genre
7 Very good Has a fair number of aspects that distinguish this category from the others in that genre
8 Great Has a large number of aspects that distinguish this category from the others in that genre
9 Excellent Excels in all aspects of this category from the others in this genre
10 Perfect Complete in every way


Many reviewers dish out 10s for every great hit out there, but then how would we as consumers be able to differentiate from one hit title to another if they are both a ’10/10′ (which literally means a perfect game in every way, shape and form). That’s why we decided to use a very ‘strict’ rating scale, so that there is room to differentiate games apart and give extra merit where due.

The criteria that determine the overall rating of the game will consist of 3 or 4 different criterion such as Graphics, Gameplay, Story and Replay Value. The criterion will change depending on the nature of the game, for example some arcade games don’t focus or sometimes don’t have a story and should not be rated based on that criterion.

The current rating system is quite far from what the GO team ultimately envisions as a fair and effective system. WaSaBe has already created a mock for a unique rating system that totally kicks ass but that will need some serious research and funding to be implemented on our site.

We would love to hear your feedback on what makes the ideal rating system so that we can one day build it!

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