My Scarecrow cosplay

Scarecrow Cover

Well, why did I choose the Scarecrow for Games12? The very frank and funny answer is that I had meetings on the Games12 days and I wanted to look smart, but at the same time wanted to cosplay. The Scarecrow is the perfect transformation from gentleman to psycho in an instance, by just taking off the glasses and putting on one of the creepiest masks you can find.

The first thing I did was search the net for a good looking mask, unfortunately, there were none to be found that were made out of real burlap. The closest find was this one from Amazon. Just before buying it a reviewer pointed out that the backside doesn’t cover your whole head, what a bummer…

I was a bit disappointed and considered switching cosplays when I remembered Daisuke Online Shop, a local Bahraini shop that will build your cosplays. Within a matter of days, and for a reasonable price, I was able to get my Scarecrow mask just before flying off to Games12. They made sure the innards of the mask were nice and soft, while the exterior still retained that nasty burlap look and feel.

I was planning to have a hidden gadget to release a puff of the famous ‘fear gas’ in the air but lacked the time to make arrangements for it. In case you cosplayers were wondering what my two options were, the budget option are these mini deodorant cans that can be concealed in your sleeve. The second and more expensive option is this magic trick smoke maker, it literally gives the illusion of making smoke from your hand, which can pass off as fear gas, albeit really expensive fear gas.

Update: Mystic smoke tubes are also a viable option, but they are reportedly smelly and sticky, a good option for a nice cosplay but not a good option as a costume to pick up a date with.

If you wear glasses like me (and have the vision of a blind bat mind you), try out this trick to give that scary ‘I’m serious so I’ll take off my glasses’ effect. Wear your contacts, get an old pair of glasses you don’t need, knock out the lenses from the frame and there you have it; glasses you can take off without losing your sight.

So to test out how creepy my cosplay lands on the creepy meter, I went for a spin and gave people a cold and back chilling stare as they passed by.

It was quite amusing to see people look away or divert their paths as I gave them my legendary ‘crazy eyes’. I guess Figment and The Arab Gamer were right, my stares are quite terrifying.

Huh? What did you say!

Check out some of the pics we took at Games12

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