Lets talk GTA, check out these new GTA V screen shots


Even though I never liked free roaming games, GTA and Red Dead Redemption changed that for me. When I first saw GTA on the PS1 I was like wow this game is actually pretty cool (was kinda funny as well) didn’t play it much though. I later got my hands on GTA III, Back then I was so amazed by the graphics and the gameplay, it left me speechless.  I also liked a few of the other GTA games like GTA Vice City & GTA IV but overall when I look at them I see the same gameplay with a different new features here and there, different story and a different city nothing that makes me stick to the game for a long time though. But from what I have seen so far, i’m hoping GTA V would actually make me grab my controller and start playing it. According to Gamer.nl, The world of GTA V is five times Bigger than the world of Red dead redemption, which was pretty big ..(wow) check out the new amazingly detailed screenshots right below

Gematsu via Neogaf
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