Battlefield Premium Users Angry With August Content Drop

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Battlefield Premium users are angry at DICE’s August content drop which only offers a video preview of the Armored Kill DLC, a digital book, and a competition. The outburst has led to an online petition demanding for better content.

I wish I didn’t buy premium I have been waiting all this month for a video and a booklet your kidding me right DICE ? (sic) I expected a camo for the rest of the weapons.

I sort of saw this coming, even before buying Battlefield Premium. It’s difficult to expect high quality content to arrive each month and I honestly don’t care as long as I get the DLC maps. So, yea I guess I don’t feel ripped off. Then again I didn’t spend 50 dollars on it.

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  1. koohejix August 27, 2012 at 12:39 AM - Reply

    I like how that picture of The Joker can be used comically in nearly any situation involving wasted money 😛