Wii U Launch Woes: Huge Ass Update, Bricking, Hard Locks, and Blue Blinking Lights

First world_cat problems

The Wii U is fresh out of the oven, so fresh then you will need download a massive update (estimated around 5 GB) to get most of its features running. Now these sort of things are always expected. How many times have we bought a game that had a day 1 patch?  But this is just crazy, yo. Now I’m mostly relating this problem to Arab countries because let’s face it, our internet connection isn’t the best thing in the world.

Can you imagine how long that’s going to take for us? The scary part out of all this is there is no cancel button and if you even consider switching off the system ,or should the power even go out (good luck, Lebanon), then you have a high chance of bricking it turning you fabulous new Wii U into a giant paper weight.

What’s more annoying is how you can’t really tell how long the update will take. No percentage. No time limit. Just a simple blue bar

Pray you have a backup generator


Gamers on NeoGaf have also been experiencing hard locks (freezing issue) with both the system menu and games.

I bought my new Wii U just yesterday, been messing with it today since it’s my day off.

Had 3 — THREE freezes that required me to manually reset the whole console by unplugging it from the wall. First time was trying to access the Settings menu Second was in mid-game and controller froze along with the TV screen Third was when accessing Miiverse.

Some users are getting a “blue blinking light of death” on their Wii U’s which are speculated to be defected units.

As mentioned before, the Wii U is still fresh so these sort of problems are expected, especially with new tech. It still hasn’t arrived yet in the Arab region but here’s hoping that when it does Nintendo will have these problems patched.

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3 Comments on "Wii U Launch Woes: Huge Ass Update, Bricking, Hard Locks, and Blue Blinking Lights"

  1. Majed Abulfatih November 19, 2012 at 1:54 PM - Reply

    So does that mean the update takes from the systems memory? So if I bought the basic 8 GB system it will only leave me 3 GB of free space? if so that sucks :S

  2. Tom December 26, 2012 at 7:19 PM - Reply

    Just purchased the larger Wii U ….nightmare. Did the 5gb update and the unit is in permanent hard freeze….This is a nightmare