Ultimate Game Collection Will Cost You Your Soul (Has been sold!)


I often see myself as a collector–I never like throwing away my games or systems. Even if its bad, I still enjoy keeping them around. All my gamer friends who have seen my collection have saluted in honor and praised me for preserving these electronic treasures.

These are just the portables…

But it seems my collection has been outmatched…gloriously.

Oh, hai!

Ebay user “collector_king” (suitable name) has managed to collect quite the bounty.

You’ll probably see this once in a lifetime: 22 fullsets sold at once!
1) All games ever released on Nintendo home systems, from Famicom to Gamecube!
2) All games ever released on Sega systems!
3) All games ever released on NEC systems, ALL FACTORY SEALED!

You read that correctly and it’s just not the games but the peripherals that go with it as well–mainly classic light guns. All of which are factory sealed.

Unfortunately all things come at a price, and were talking about a big one!

EURO 999,999,99.99 = $1,230,699.99 USD


However, the guy is giving us the option for a better offer, but don’t expect anything lower than a million dollars.

Its also worthy noting that some of these games have a different language (Japanese, Brazilian…?) so make sure to keep your imagination in check.

I honestly think he should donate this to a musuem.


It seems the collection has been sold. Holy crap! That’s one lucky American banker…


Ebay via Kotaku

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