This What You See When You Turn on The WiiU (MiiVerse)

Dwm 2012-06-04 01-16-49-22

Nintendo announces MiiVerse which is meant to be a more dynamic approach to interacting with Mii’s. It will also play a major role in the WiiU’s user interface which enphasises social interaction. Here is what we know of it so far:

  • Shows you what people are playing
  • Comments can be dropped within gameplay
  • In game form/QA system that helps players who are stuck
  • Use video chat to communicate with Mii
  • MiiVerse will have its own social network that can be accessed from 3DS and mobile phones

Very little is still know, but one thing is for sure: Nintendo wants to make the WiiU a social interactive gaming device.

Look forward to Tuesday as Nintendo unveils more info as well as gameplay footage!


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