The Witcher 3 continues to amaze with it’s new gameplay footage

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Ever since E3 2013, I would try to explain what I witnessed behind closed doors to people and people would have a mild, luke-warm reaction of “Oh, ok cool…” and I would continue to try and explain it’s awesomeness in vain . Today, and finally, proper gameplay footage for the Witcher 3 has been shown off to the world!

To me, the game is what a true next-gen title should be in terms of graphics and gameplay.

There is simply too much to explain in plain writing, so, I will post a video down below along with my notes on the footage, which was 10 hours into the gameplay:

  • Like the E3 2013 closed door presentation, preparation takes part before any monster hunt, in order to hunt the griffin buffing potions and a crossbow were equipped
  • The firecamp acted as a preparation area where you can add items to your inventory, there will most probably be other similar preparation areas throughout the game
  • you can enable your Witcher heightened senses to comprehend more from the environment around you and track prey
  • The combat seems largely unchanged, which is a great thing for me personally
  • The dialog also seems to be unchanged, BUT choices will have much graver consequences as we saw in the E3 2013 build. In last year’s build, a wrong choice causes the demise of a whole village
  • Monsters all seem to have unique traits when fighting, along with there own special abilities.


  • The game is unmatched in terms of environments and fine details, this is coming from a PC enthusiast that shreds games to pieces with criticism
  • Scale in this game, is mind boggling, it’s been confirmed to surpass the size of Skyrim. Personally, I believe the diversity seen till now will also surpass what Skyrim had to offer by far
  • Magical spells look dazzling with sparks and sparkles, as it did back in the E3 2013 build
  • Humans can get there limbs, heads and whole chunks can be cut clean with cool looking animations.
  • The skybox resolution is simply insane from the looks of it
  • The only issue I saw was similar was minor physics glitches, but they have been significantly improved from E3 2013’s build (that one had Geralt’s hair doing crazy stunts)

Be sure to watch this interview from 2013 where alot of info was revealed about the game, including the number of monsters and details regarding systems such as brewing and crafting.

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  1. Bader Noaimi June 10, 2014 at 2:41 AM - Reply

    Game Overviews was at E3 last year?!