TGS 2012: New Kingdom Hearts Game…For Your Web Browser

kingdom hearts_web browser

A new Kingdom Hearts title has been announced for the most popular platform in the world. YAY for logic! Famitsu have revealed small timbits on a KH web browser game.

The following is a Google translate from the announcement.

world of fairy tales far.
The world is filled with light
that light was wrapped, and a variety of the world creator.
Kingdom Hearts source of light, the key to protect it χ (key) blade.
I believed that as long as there is, the world is in the light of eternity.
However, the strong light cast shadows gave birth to darkness.
Darkness evoke anxiety and fear, the desire.
Darkness hidden in the depths of my heart, and began to spread to the world as chaos.
to pay the spreading darkness, those who wish to make a key light blade that mimics the χ (key) blade,
began a round-the-world adventure. <System> able to play with the browser of PC, social games for the browser of the first series. Become a hero, customize your avatar, players around the world in a variety of Disney. To expand the game, such as search and collect the material in various locations, such as the battle system to divide the outcome by card collection, a completely new element. How to enjoy as well, such as an enemy, sometimes in cooperation with friends!

So yea, based on that crummy translation we can assume it’s going to be a social game which will hopefully have no ties to the main KH timeline (like we need more spin offs). As for it being on a web browser, well that doesn’t bother me at all really. Games like Bastion even Hitman have proven that web browsers are platform not to be taken lightly.

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One Comment on "TGS 2012: New Kingdom Hearts Game…For Your Web Browser"

  1. Mohamed Shahin September 20, 2012 at 1:52 PM - Reply

    plz dont tell me it’s another prequel …. but on the other side (a new Kingdom hearts woohoo!!!)