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By The Arab Gamer, October 13, 2012 1 Announcement

Capcom have issued a statement regarding its on disc content and how it will be unlocked via an update. The company said that it will be releasing two DLC’s which will be free of charge and include the following: No… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 13, 2012 0 Announcement

Fan favourite, Darkstalkers, is finally making a come back. Expected to arrive in 2013, Darkstalkers Resurrection includes Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 with with updated visuals, a robust online system, and achievements. LONDON, UK. — October 11, 2012 — Capcom, a leading worldwide… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, October 8, 2012 21 News, Stupid

There was an error regarding this post. Please click here to find out more. No hope left indeed. It seems Capcom has flat out lied to us and decided to ahead and add On Disc DLC to it’s latest monster… Read More »

By BrokenMirrors, September 25, 2012 0 Events, News

Everybody knows that DMC is now being made by Ninja Theory and alot of people disliked the changes that they applied to their version of DMC, everybody knows that DMC is Devil May Cry and if someone says DMC you… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 20, 2012 13 News, Videos

Rockman Xover sure has a lot of negativety surrounding it. Whether if it’s the poor presentation, iOS game or Social RPG aspect, the facts are pretty straight forward: no one wants to play Rockman Xover. The fans have been asking for… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 6, 2012 0 Announcement, News

Pheonix Wright 5 is coming out on the 3DS in Japan. OBJECTION!! Yes, after all these years, Phoenix Wright finally coming back in Pheonix Wright 5: Revenge of the lawyers (okay, that part was made up). But yes, Pheonix Wright… Read More »

By M3o, September 2, 2012 0 Leak

Games tend to get leaked a lot these days. Resident Evil 6 was one of the victims as rumors have been going around about the game already being sold in Poland. Then comes this, an eBay user called sara.scott1980 is… Read More »

By Bob, August 30, 2012 0 Announcement

Capcom’s TGS lineup has been revealed as the following games: Monster Hunter 4 – 3DS Resident Evil 6 – PS3/360 DMC – PS3/360 EX Troopers – PS3/3DS Lost Planet 3 – PS3/360 Airu de Puzuruu – PSP I’m most excited for the new DMC and EX… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, August 20, 2012 15 News

Here we go again. Capcom has given us another reason not to lose hope in Mega Man’s fate. Capcom’s senior product marketing manager, Matt Dahlgren had this to say regarding the anniversary. “We had 15 last year for Resident Evil,” he… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, August 16, 2012 2 Announcement, News

Capcom, Y U NO… Finally, after months of unsettling feelings, Capcom have revealed a new Mega Man game called Rockman Xover. The plot revolves around all the Mega Man’s (at least the popular ones) to date. It will also allow players to… Read More »