FarCry 3

7.3 Overall Score
Story: 6/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10

Wonderful Graphics | Great voice actors | addictive gameplay | An Okay story | Good Sounds | Map Editor

Multiplayer | annoying glitches |

If you haven’t gone to a vacation during 2012, this game will take you on one heck of a vacation.


Story starts off with a couple of flashbacks of a bunch of friends who’d gone on a vacation to the Rook Islands up till the point where Jason Brody (Our Main Character) wakes up trapped inside a cage along with his brother after being imprisoned by slave traders who’re holding him and his friends for ransom. Trying to find a way out of the place ends up getting his brother killed but Jason manages to escape after watching his brother die. The story advances from trying to escape to seeking revenge. The story also  takes you through the island and it’s different environment’s and structures on either “side-missions” or “main-missions” that will keep you going to find out what’ll happen next, From being  just a regular college boy who never killed to a predator.


The gameplay focuses on surviving in the jungle by leveling yourself up by either (hunting, capturing enemy outposts, and/or capturing towers), you can also start skinning which comes in handy when you need certain materials to create stuff like your weapon holsters. At first you can only hold a weapon a time, but keep hunting and creating more weapon holsters and you’ll be carrying more weapons, save’s the trouble of switching the weapon every time.  You can also create various types of potions that help you survive in the wilds of Rook Islands. Try diving in the sea, it’s one of nice feature to experience in the game. Diving can help you hunt for sharks and harvest some needed plants, or if you’re not interested you can just enjoy the life under the sea (where did I hear that before?).


I don’t have much to say about Graphics other than it’s quite astonishing aside from the fact that there are a few glitches, but don’t go searching for them or if you find them just hope you don’t notice them..once they are seen, they cannot be …unseen..


This is the down part of the game, I tried playing the multiplayer hoping I’ll actually enjoy it but nope, I had a hard time finding a match and when I found one I was disappointed how it was no different than any other shooter., I’m not a fan of CoD so i’ll say this..It’s like Call of Duty in the jungle or an Island or whatever. The game modes weren’t interesting either and at the time when the game first came out I tried searching for games but it kept failing me. It’s certainly not something I’d recommend for anyone, In the Multiplayer you get to make your own load-out  choose your perks and use the streak since i only played 1 match of the multiplayer the only streak i had was a radar (As everybody already knows, It shows the location of the enemies), I have to say it’s a very disappointing multiplayer and definitely one of the things that takes this game downhill.

The Co-op isn’t that great either it’s also just a regular shoot & kill, all you pretty much do through out the co-op is run, shoot, kill & take cover, and it would’ve been a much more enjoyable co-op if they put more effort into it.


Overall, it’s a very good game and I’d recommend it to gamers interested in Shooters & RPG Shooters.

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