Pokemon hack allows you to see opponent’s team and moves!


So I stumbled upon a link on Facebook today, that too me to an application claiming it can show you your opponents Pokemon and their full details, along with the next move your opponent selected!

I wasn’t too sure of this was legit or not, so I got curious and downloaded the app and fiddled around with it a bit to get it to start. To my surprise, it actually worked! This application actually shows you the IVs, EVs, move set, nature and ability of your opponents team upon starting the game! To make things worse, it even shows the move the opponent selects as soon as he picks one!

This application seems to be based off another app that was created by a different group of developers. The original application was used to reveal all the information of any Pokemon put on offer for you when trading (Very handy!). Both these applications are not really hacks as such, but rather sniffing tools that exploit the fact that information is being transmitted to your 3DS un-encrypted.

The developer of this battle exploit has since decided to take down the application along with it’s source code, after receiving a lot of hate on online forums. I think this application is very interesting in terms of it being an experiment and I applaud the developer for the programming effort. I would strongly oppose the usage of this application to basically cheat against other players. I have already removed the application off my PC, since it simply kills the joy of an online battle.

The sad part is that if GameFreak decided to encrypt all of this data, then it would break the other application that’s being used for legitimate reasons in helping players evaluate their trades. I’m hoping that GameFreak either adds a more detailed trading system before patching this, or simply encrypting the online battle portion of the game. Fingers crossed? Leave your opinions below!

Ranked games have been disabled, I believe until a patch is delivered to players!
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