Latest PS3 Hack Gives Sony a Hard Time


Despite Sony’s ongoing attempt at keeping their PS3 piracy safe, hackers have once again managed to break in.  The new hack works via a new custom firmware that can actually run with the official 4.25 firmware. A Chinese group (BlueDiskCFW) managed to come up with the custom firmware  through a group called “The Three Muskateers”. “The Three Muskateers” group has previously had access to the “LV0 keys” that eases the process of decrypting any official PS3 firmware release, but had never released the keys to the public. The Chinese group took advantage of LV0 keys and planned to charge money for their custom firmware. That’s when “The Three Muskateers” have decided to release the keys to the public to prevent them from profiting from the keys.

A note to all you gamers out there: If you really love your video games, then I see no reason why you would support these kinds of activities. While piracy may be convenient to some gamers, remember that by not purchasing games you are not supporting the developer which reduces their revenue and their incentive to invest more time and money into making another really good game.

Joystiq via Eurogamer
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