Interview with Cosplayers at Dubai GamesFest 2012


One of my favorite things is to check out at each event are the crazy cosplays. Some cosplayers go to great extents to re-create their characters into the real world, and it really needs alot of dedication and passion to succeed.

So this time, I couldn’t help but cosplay at the Dubai GamesFest 2012, I was loosely wearing a Dante from Devil May Cry Cosplay, minus the wig, boots and shave.

Once I reached I found quite a few eyecatching cosplays on the scene.

I had two personal favorites, the first of which is Barnabas Collins from the movie Dark Shadows.

 and the other is by my favorite cosplayer Saud, who has previously cosplayed as Big boss and Devil Jin in the MEFCC 2012. This time he was the Prince of Persia, and won first place for the cosplay! Both cosplayers had amazing details put into there work, and I was loving it!

Here are a few more pics of me with some Cosplayers. For the full album please head over to our Facebook page album.

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