I feel like I know nothing about the Wii U but that’s why I’m excited for it!


It’s almost here. This time tomorrow a new Nintendo home console will finally be hitting the market and despite me knowing very little about it, I’m absolutely hyped! Sure I’ve seen all those marketed videos and presentation from Iwata but I still feel like it’s a giant question mark. It’s so new, different, and yet has a ton of potential. To put things into greater perspective I’m going to list reasons why I’m excited for the Wii U and what I hope Nintendo will accomplish with the system

It’s a superimposed DS

The DS is single (or double) handedly one of the greatest handhelds ever made. Games like Mario Kart, Kirby (both of them), and The World Ends With You have given gamers an experience no other system can give. Now imagine that on a higher end HD console. RPG’s will work like a dream, The RTS gener might finally have a place on a home console. Speaking of which this brings me to my next point…

Stronger Third Party Support

It’s no secret that the Wii hasn’t been exactly strong in terms of its third party support. Sure, it managed to get classics such as Xenoblade Saga and The Last Story, but it ended up missing a lot of hits. With Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed and others on board we might finally get what we wanted. Of course there is always the worry of the next gen consoles being too powerful for the Wii U but I’m hopeful that Nintendo will manage to score exclusives such as Bayonetta 2.

Play the way you want

I have a confession to make. I ain’t the best shooter in the west when it comes to FPS games that use analog sticks. On the other hand games like Metroid Prime 3 has taught me that I tend to fair much better when using a Wiimote. For the Wii U you can choose whatever method to play without buying an extra adapter. Games like Black Ops 2 are already pioneering the idea by giving gamers a choice between Wiimote, Wii U GamePad, and Wii U Pro controller. Choice is always better but I hope devs make good use of each one.

Nintendo Games in HD!

I think this is probably the biggest reason on everyone’s list. At long last we will be able to experience Nintendo games like Zelda, Mario, and Metroid in HD. Just thinking about that makes my nose bleed. While HD isn’t new it certainly means a lot in this case. I’m personally sick of this gen’s over use of nitty, gritty, and brown aestics. With the Wii U I’m hoping Nintendo will brigthen things with their charming visuals. Vibrant saturating colors in HD is something I really can’t wait to see.

Virtual console games…in HD

Okay, this might be stretching it but come one we all want this. Imagine playing all those memorable classics in widescreen HD, particularly GameCube titles. Wind Waker, Mario Sunshine, Killer 7, and Resident Evil remake would look absolutely stunning in HD. Do the right thing Nintendo and don’t make us wait too long.

Nintendo taking online seriously

The very fact that the Wii U’s main menu is based on a social network (Miiverse) shows that Nintendo is finally taking the Internet seriously. Most, if not all its games will use the Miiverse to show message boards and hints from other users around the world. Digital distribution will also be available from day 1 with justifiable download size (NSMBU is only 2 GB!). With the 3DS already doing updates and DLC, I feel pretty confident that Nintendo will meet the requirements. Oh, and no more friend codes!

It’s a portable console

This is probably the biggest feature that has me hooked. To my knowledge, the Wii U is very first  console that is built to work with or without a TV. This is perfect for gamers who migrate whether if it’s for travel or visiting friends. Its size is very similar so it can. Think of the tournaments! No longer would players need to organize massive TV’s and worry about screen watching. In fact tournaments can be very quiet thanks to the built in headphone jack. Even in the living room it works wonders. Sisters who want to catch the latest episode of Glee can do so without resorting to living room wrestling. And if you’re like me who likes to watch TV and play videogames then problem solved. Your toilet seat will also be getting a lot of attention (depends on the distance).

The Wii U seems to have gotten all the right elements but the question is will it all mix well and  go beyond our expectations? Maybe all of my points are wishful thinking. I mean will the Wii U just be novelty or will it actually give gamers something new to play with. Well, it all starts tomorrow and I can’t wait for it to get here.

Zelda Wii U Image from Forbes
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