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GOW Ascension

Incase you missed out on the first teaser trailerof God of War: Ascension. Santa Monica Studio, is here to remind you that our favorate revenge driven Greek God killer will be back to cause more destruction on Spring 2012. The game’s story will revolve on Krato’s past, and in particular the series’ timeline before Kratos became ‘bound in blood’. But the latest trailer left many scratching their heads when the lastest announcement and gameplay trailer included footage of a 4 player multiplayer game at a stage where a colossal sized  cyclops is chained and quite rightfully pissed about it. From initial details the game’s multiple will feature:

  • Support up to 8 players
  • Online and offline modes
  • Rebuilt fighting engine
  • Different types of archetype characters (Depending on their God. Zues, Hades, Posiden, Aries)
  • Finisher moves to other players and objectives (like the cyclops in ‘Domination mode’)
  • Multiple modes (‘Death match’, ‘Domination’…)
  • Character customization
  • No female characters (good? bad? you decide)
I believe we can’t decide how well the mechanics of the multiplier will work at such an early stage with minimal gameplay footage. But what I do believe is that this idea has huge potential to be an awesome time killer (get the pun..haha…I was referring to Chronos…never mind…just watch the video…)
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One Comment on "God of War Ascension Multiplayer Preview"

  1. Rez May 16, 2012 at 12:34 PM - Reply

    I’m actually excited for this, depending on how they do it, it could end up being a great addition to the God of War series. I just hope they keep the singleplayer great.