Drive Club, The New Racing Game to be released on PS4


During the latest PlayStation conference that was held on the 20th of February 2013, evolution studio announced a new racing game, Drive Club.

Drive Club is a first person racing game that is based on team work, clubs members are supposed to work together to bring their club rank up the score board by contributing in challenges that are created by the game or the players themselves. You and your club get to fully customize your challenges by setting the race’s structure, weather, time etc. The presentation of the game featured very realistic looking visuals, from the stunning environment to the car seats’ condition that change with the excessive use or after waxing.

What really caught my attention was that the game’s director stated that title has been booked for 9 years and that they were waiting for technology to develop to a level where they could apply the idea. Also the very detailed visuals surely earned the game more attention but has not been revealed yet is the driving simulation; the presentation did not emphasize on the driving simulation as much as it did on the game’s graphical interface. Wouldn’t be amazing if the game featured realistic driving as well as realistic visuals?


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