Community Post: Ducktales Reveal


If you did not know, you SHOULD know, Capcom announced at PAX East that the original 1989 Ducktales game is going to be ported and remastered for Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and the Nintendo Wii U eShop for the price of $14.99 (1200 MS points). The game originally came out on the NES and was then ported to the Gameboy. It has a huge cult following and was considered one of the greatest licensed videogames of all time. The game was developed by Capcom, and it used the Megaman NES engine.This remastered version features hand drawn sprites with 3D backgrounds and best of all, THE ACTUAL THEME SONG!

They also revealed that Alan Young, the original voice actor of Scrooge McDuck in the TV series is going to reprise his role in this game! NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD!

I’ve had fond memories of the Gameboy version as a kid, and finding out a re-mastered version is coming made me instantly scream like a schoolgirl. Many gamers today still reminiscence about the game and how the unique stage design and incredible soundtrack made it what in my opinion is one of the most defining games of the 8-bit era.

Capcom recently had some fan rage because of their recent decisions like cancelling Megaman Legends 3 and almost completely ignoring the franchise. Hopefully, this re-release of Ducktales would soften the Capcom bashing initiated by die-hard Megaman fans who are frustrated about the blue bomber’s demise.

Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckburg

Racecars, lasers, airplanes… It’s a duck blur!

Ducktales! Woo hoo!

This was Mohammed Zubari, have a nice day!

Keep on gaming everyone.

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