Booted, Diablo III bug kicks out legit players


Only the dead reek like this. The game-breaking templar is near.

Diablo III was one of the most anticipated releases fans were so patiently waiting for (myself included), and now that it’s out you may be kicked from the servers rendering the game unplayable…wait what?

Well, according to EuroGamer  just hours into playing Diablo 3 and a fair number of players have already discovered this bug which reportedly occurs after giving the templar any gear prior to actually accepting him as a follower. When that happens, players get an error 3006 message and get booted off… some for good. Though some reports isolate the problem to be unique to the Demon Hunter class.

Now this is interesting and comes as quiet a surprise, a large surprise to someone like me who has always recognized Blizzard’s reputation to polish their games thoroughly prior to releasing them. Admittedly this is a pretty random bug.

Blizzard did suggest a temporary solution to avoid this problem: Accept the Templar as a follower BEFORE you present them with any equipment.



Artwork courtesy of Victor Lee

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