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By The Arab Gamer, September 20, 2012 1 Announcement, News

A new Kingdom Hearts title has been announced for the most popular platform in the world. YAY for logic! Famitsu have revealed small timbits on a KH web browser game. The following is a Google translate from the announcement. world of… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, September 19, 2012 1 Announcement, Events

We have finally arrived to Dubai and come across great news! After a joint conference between Video Games Live, Cyclops communications and the UAE National Symphony Orchestra Video Games Live was confirmed that it will be held at the Dubai World… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 19, 2012 0 News, Videos

Keiji Inafune’s anticipated PSVITA title has gotten delayed to Spring 2013. While this news may bring some sorrow to PSVITA users, he did make up for it by giving us a trailer. Thanks, Keiji. The game does look a lot… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 19, 2012 1 Announcement, News, Videos

Keiji Inafune’s mystery project Yaiba has finally been revealed as a Ninja Gaiden game! The title has been revealed as a collaboration project with Team Ninja  dubbed Yabiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (for Zombies, derp). Not only will this game feature… Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 19, 2012 0 Announcement, News

It seems the rumors were true. Sony has introduced a new PS3 model which is now reportedly 20% smaller and 25%  lighter than the current slim. The lid also appears to be sliding open that  exposes the disc tray entirely…. Read More »

By The Arab Gamer, September 18, 2012 4 Announcement, Events, News

Games 12 is just around the corner so to get the hype wheel turning we’re gonna talk about some of the games that will appear on the show floor and tell you why you should be excited. Dead or Alive… Read More »

By Bob, September 17, 2012 2 News

Now this is interesting, Hard Drives Northwest have replaced the innards of an Atari 2600 with a pretty beefy PC. The specs are: a Core i7 3.4 Ghz Processor, 8GB of RAM, a 120GB SSD and a Radeon HD 6570…. Read More »

By BrokenMirrors, September 16, 2012 0 Announcement, News

After a long wait for a new Bayonetta game Platinum Games announced that the sequel shall be a Wii U exclusive ( published by both Nintendo & Sega.) is there any explanation to all of this? what’s the reason behind the sudden change?… Read More »

By DoCWaSaBe, September 14, 2012 0 Podcast, The GO-Cast

Hamood, The Arab Gamer and WaSaBe meet up to discuss all the news about Steam, the Wii U and briefly agree on who will be the next ruler of Earth. Next week’s episode may be delayed due to us covering… Read More »

By M3o, September 14, 2012 0 Announcement, News

Sad news for the Xbox 360 owners in Japan, Konami have decided to cancel their upcoming highly anticipated Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance game on the Xbox 360 in Japan. To avoid any confusion, I repeat: only in Japan. Although Konami… Read More »